Should I say welcome to my Blog? Everybody does, and as a writer one is ill-advised to follow clichés and tropes, right? But I mean it. I’m delighted you are reading this. So – WELCOME!

I know, I know. Your time is precious. So I won’t waste it.

This Blog will do two things for you (hopefully):

– Give you general tips on plotting, writing and editing stories;

– Sneak in the odd offer for FREE critique and review services.

And if you’ve read that far you deserve a biscuit (cookie for our friends in the US). Here it is:

I’ll give you feedback on your PitchWars pitch!


Contact me on Twitter or Facebook, tagging your request #lily1.

That’ll do the trick (the links at the top of this site take you straight to the relevant pages).

Good luck and happy writing!




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