Review of E.A Comiskey’s “Some Monsters Never Die”

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I love reading intelligent humour. I love unique voices and, even more so, a pretty damn cool premise.
Anybody surprised that I loved reading this novel?
Richard has been parked in a nursing home, abandoned like a crusty old tomcat. Nobody expects him to do anything but grumble through his day—and die.
Nobody – apart from another inmate, the super-dapper, mega-chipper Stanley Kapcheck. Oh, and he’s British, which makes things even worse.
Of course, he’s the one who will shake Richard out of his misery, get him to oil up his walker and hit the road. In a vintage corvette.
Why? Well, there are some rather nasty critters running around in the nursing home, who have nothing better to do than suck the seniors dry. Literally, not financially. Think some sort of Romanian vampire.
But saving Richard’s remaining years from being sucked away wasn’t the critical point on Stan’s agenda. He’s a monster hunter, and he wants Richard to help him-hunt monsters. Duh.

Decades ago, Richard’s beloved wife Barbara got attacked by a skinwalker. That creature is now after a famous author. Soon, he’ll be suffering from something worse than writer’s block. Muahahha. Sorry. Slap my wrists, got carried away here.
As if that delightfully whacky setup wasn’t enough, there’s Richard’s granddaughter Burke. Her mother dared to marry an African American (Richard doesn’t use appropriate terminology and still feels sore about things).
When The Devil (She’s hotter than hell, believe me) steals the vintage care, Burke gets roped in, and Richard has to learn (a bit late in life) that the worst monsters are the ones hiding inside.
No more, you need to read for yourself.
“Some Monsters Never Die” is a fabulous adventure, a fantastic road trip and a tremendously amusing and engaging read.
I bought the story on Amazon, and I’m glad I did.

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