Review of Nicole Sallak Anderson’s “Song of a King’s Heart”

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Nicole Sallak Anderson’s Song of the King’s Heart, Book One in her “Origin” series.
is a highly original novel.

Not only does she expertly paint a picture of a long-gone era, she also brings back a period in Egypt’s history that is a lot less well known to readers. The author then layers on another unique experience, ultimately creating a novel abuzz with mysticism fed by sexual energy, a concept I haven’t come across anywhere else.

The plot is rife with intrigue, warfare and complex relationships, all set against a backdrop of an intriguing world.

Prince Ankhmakis, the last in a line of native Egyptian kings, fights for his father who wants to wrestle back control from the Greek, the foreign rulers of the country. He’s in love with Natasa, a young priestess torn between her duties to the goddess and the love for her soulmate.

The Ptolemaic Pharaoh is a suitably disgusting villain, whose lecherous acts create a dangerous opponent, Chanax, priest of Seth, the God of Chaos.

I never had problems with the names, but the author has included a character dictionary at the beginning of the book, a helpful addition. Plus, each chapter provides some historical background, which makes for some fascinating reading.

The whole tale is complex, rich and truly unique—and there are more books to come! I didn’t give five stars because I only do that for a very select group of books, i.e. those that are perfect for me. Never forget that reading is a subjective experience. Sallak Anderson’s amazing tale didn’t quite hit that mark for the simple reason I missed a bit of humour and I could not always connect with the characters. This might well be owed to this being historical fiction, which calls for a certain writing style.

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