Praise for “Down the Hatch”

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“Down the Hatch”, the sequel to my award-winning debut novel was reviewed by Literary Titan and gained praise! Read here what’s it all about:

Down the Hatch: A Magical Misfits Mystery by Lina Hansen is about Myrtle Coldron, a witch who is not in complete control of her magic, and as she struggles, others want to take charge of the coven. Myrtle finds herself taking on a lot of responsibilities, including running her family’s bed and breakfast business, while other events unravel around her. When she unexpectedly meets Chris Lentulus, a descendant of witch hunters, when a body is discovered in the basement of a local pub. Together, the unlikely pair must work to find out who’s responsible for the death and follow clues to catch a killer before another murder occurs.

This was a fun story to read. I love reading mysteries and enjoy the subtle clues sprinkled throughout the plot while peeling back layers of each character in the book. The story kept me guessing until the end, and I also liked the romantic elements between Myrtle and Chris. I enjoyed the setting of the British village and the quirky witch characters from the local coven. This dimension added an exciting element where they had to hide their true identity from the town’s non-witch residents.

I like the plot’s premise, which details the witches’ control of their magic, the potential for magic to go seriously wrong, and lots of humor throughout the story. I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series, trying to solve new, entertaining mysteries, and discovering more about each character. It’s an excellent story for anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction, romance, and mystery genres.

Down the Hatch: A Magical Misfits Mystery by Lina Hansen is about more than solving a mystery; it’s a fantastic read that focuses on unique challenges, individual struggles, and a bit of romance throughout.

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