Happy Xmas to you too!

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First of all, sorry for going MIA in the second half of the year, but life got a bit wild. 2024 is now set to get a lot better, since we have some GREAT news:

My Pararnormal Romance “Spirit of Gascony” will be published in Spring with the Champagne Book Group.

The third Magical Misfit Mystery “Out of Body” is due to be published in Summer with Literary Wanderlust.

And I have three Da Vinci Cozy Mysteries, starting with “Spelled in Ink” I will self-publish as soon as I have some clear dates for the other two.

I also have a little christmas present – if you send me a message, I’ll send you a link for a FREE download to “In My Attic”, my first Magical Misfits mystery. You can also subscribe to my newsletter – I promise I won’t spam – and then you get the companion booklet to go with it.

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  1. I have recently become enamored with gnomes, so I was so happy to see your newsletter graphic in my inbox. Congratulations on all the publishing news! You are on a roll. Happy Holidays to you!

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