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Happy New Year everyone, even if it’s already a couple of weeks old. We went to my favorite country – France – and enjoyed some warm-ish days on the Med in Marseille. I got quite a bit of writing and editing done, which was necessary given my ambitious plans for this year (one Romance and one Mystery to release with the publishers, plus my Da Vinci Mystery series I finally want to self-pub).

“Spirits of Gascony” is still on track for a March release, so stay tuned for the cover release.

In the meantime, I’ve got a recommendation for a great book I read during my stay in France. Genevi√®ve Cogman, the author of the “Invisible Library” series has a new novel out – “Scarlet”, which is about Scarlet (har, har) Pimpernel, but with vampires. For those of you not familiar with the Baroness Orzcy’s novel: It’s about a British nobleman saving French aristos from the Guillotine during the French Revolution. For reasons I don’t wish to disclose (yet) I went yee-haw when I found this and even bought it in physical form, something I rarely do these days.

I loved every bit of it and wrote a Goodreads review, which you can find here.

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