Out of Body, Third Magical Misfits Mystery has launched!

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A skeleton unearthed, a coven in peril, and meddling villagers with a penchant for mayhem—Myrtle Coldron’s life is about to get wicked.

Myrtle Coldron, owner of the Witch’s Retreat B&B and leader of the Magical Misfits, enjoys a hike and stumbles upon a skeleton. The unwelcome discovery unleashes a series of bizarre events that shake the quaint village of Avebury to the core. And to top it off, she has scary dreams haunting her nights.

With the help of her loyal partner Chris and her quirky friends and familiars, Myrtle must navigate the tangled web of suspects to flush out a killer holding the keys to a secret from the coven’s past.

Should she fail, the Magical Misfits will be history….

“The Magical Misfits” is a cozy mystery series brimming with humor, suspense, and a dash of the supernatural. It’s perfect for fans of Stephanie Plum, Agatha Raisin, and Juliet Blackwell who crave a delightful blend of quirky characters, magical mishaps, and a satisfyingly unexpected resolution. Want to find out more? Get your copy NOW. https://www.amazon.com/Out-Body-Magical-Misfits-Mystery-ebook/dp/B0D2PKFQ41

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