Lina Hansen is the author of the Magical Misfits, the LiteraTours and the Da Vinci series of cozy mysteries. She has also written a Paranormal Romantic Mystery “Spirits of Gascony”, which is scheduled for publication in Spring 2024.

The Magical Misfits Mysteries

The first two installment in the Magical Misfits series, “In My Attic” and “Down the Hatch”, set in the historic village of Avebury, Wiltshire UK and its ancient stone circle, are available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQYV5627?binding=kindle_edition&ref=dbs_dp_sirpi

The third in the series, “Out of Body” is scheduled to launch in Summer 2024.

The LiteraTours Mysteries

The series is now available on YONDER, the next-generation reading app from the creators of WEBTOON and Wattpad. https://yonder.onelink.me/6vpb/46a0c21e

The Da Vinci Cozy Mysteries

The first instalment of the Da Vinci series of cozy mysteries “Spelled in Ink”, “Cursed out Loud”, “Spooked by Fruit” and “Hexed to the Max” is scheduled for publication in 2024.

The Paranormal Romantic Mysteries

All my paranormal cozies have a romantic subplot, and for “Spirit of Gascony” I simply amped up the romantic elements. And I’m totally over the moon with the result. And yes, there’s a second one in the making.

When not writing, editing, reviewing–or supporting other writers–Lina loves to cook and enjoys fine dining, travelling, walking in the woods (trying not to tread on the lilies), and her cats.

And reading books. Lots of books.